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Comprehensive report consisted of four analyses: DISC, TEAMS, Values, BAI




DISC 4D is the most sensitive available tool as it combines four different analyses:

  • DISC (Behavioural Styles), 
  • Values (Hidden Motivators), 
  • TEAMS (Thinking Styles and Preferred Team Roles), 
  • BAI (Behavioural Attitudes). 

In other words, this report gives four dimensions of personality and is the most comprehensive personality profile available (1440 possible profiles).

GroWings is an authorised international distributor of People Keys – a global leader with over 30 years of experience in delivering behavioural assessments. 

The DISC profile helps to identify our dominant behaviours in various situations. The tool has been developed on the basis of the research done by the American psychologist William Marston. It is based on four basic styles:

  • D (dominant, firm, oriented around achieving a goal),
  • I (influential, inspiring, people-oriented),
  • S (steady, calm, oriented around cooperation and safety),
  • C (conscientious, diligent, oriented around accurately performing a task).

Each of us has these four styles within ourselves to varying degrees. Depending on the strength of each, we act in a certain manner in private and professional situations.


DISC Report

With the assistance of DISC profile analysis, you can support yourself with, i.e., better communication in the workplace and in business and with more effective sales and management. The DISC profile also allows you to discover what motivates you and in which environments you operate best. It enables you to deepen your awareness of which skills you still need to work on and how to change your behaviour to achieve better results. The DISC profile is applied during recruitment, team-building, and in improving work in a group or when developing leadership skills, and even in family therapy.



We can use the iceberg metaphor here.  

All that is visible is our behaviour, including the style of communication we exhibit. DISC assessment measures our dominant behavioural styles and helps us to build better relations with our relatives and coworkers and adapt to the needs of specific situations. 

However, what is hidden under the surface of the water are our underlying motivations, values, and passions, which affect our behaviour. If we identify them, we will be able to better understand ourselves and others.

TEAMS/Values/BAI reports identify our hidden motivators, passions, and ways of thinking, so this is the reason why combining DISC with these three additional assessments (DISC D3) is so powerful. 

In the work environment, 4D Report is an irreplaceable tool for effective talent management, as it helps to understand employees, recognise them in the best possible way, and increase their commitment by appealing to their very often not-expressed needs and motivators. 

If you want to increase your own self-awareness or discover your people’s intrinsic motivations, DISC 4D is a perfect, powerful solution!

Harness the power of motivators and passions

and uncover true hidden strengths!  


3 additional dimensions of personality


Values assessment measures what people’s core values that impact their decision-making are. 

Loyalty: someone focused on traditions, being loyal to people, company, rules, and projects; work style: meaningful involvement.

Personal Freedom: someone focused on self-fulfilment, trying to increase boundaries of personal freedom; work style: self-expressed individuality.

Equality: someone wants to treat people in the same way (including themselves), according to the same rules and benefits; work style: socially acceptable.

Justice: someone is focused on creating win-win situations and working diligently towards a common goal; workstyle: personal involvement.



TEAMS assessment measures people’s way of thinking and the roles they prefer to play in a group setting. TEAM


Theorist generates new ideas and delivers creative solutions.

Executor implements the project, values accuracy, and does things according to plan. 

Analyzer develops steps of the process and refines methods.

Manager uses diplomatic approaches, facilitates and balances the needs of others.

Strategist simplifies ideas, markets the concepts, and creates a strategy for implementing them. 


Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI) measures what people’s hidden motivators that influence their behaviors are. 

Inner Awareness: someone who desires harmony, inner peace, mind-body balance, and is committed to their value system.

Social/Humanitarian: someone who wants to support others altruistically and is ready to stand up for beliefs.

Power/Political: someone who wants to influence others and create change.

Economic: someone who is very practical and wants to achieve tangible results, including financial ones. 

Artistic: someone who wants to express themselves and be unique and deliver creative, innovative solutions. 

Knowledge: someone who desires learning and understanding, loves exploring topics and searching for truths.

There are 40 DISC profiles available. DISC assessment takes into account one, two, or three dominant behavioural styles. 

Our revolutionary 4D Report (DISC, Values, TEAMS, and BAI) combines 1440 unique points of comparison. This makes our 4D assessment the most comprehensive and sensitive behavioural tool available on the market. 



discover your strengths

enhance communication

build high performing teams

develop your leadership skills

increase sales

manage conflict effectively


hire and retain people you want

manage stress



How does DISC 4D differ from other diagnostic tools?

DISC 4D assessment is the most comprehensive, sensitive, and cost-effective tool on the market. DISC 4D is much more than a DISC profile, as it includes three additional analyses (Values – core values influencing our decision-making process, TEAMS – thinking style and preferred team role, and BAI – hidden motivators and behavioural attitudes).

Knowing how your hidden motivators, core values, and thinking style influence your behaviour can help you to understand yourself and others better. DISC 4D is a revolutionary tool that can help you avoid conflict, dissolve difficult situations, and talk to others using their language by taking into account things that are important to them, their way of thinking, and their invisible motivators.

DISC 4D is not only about your strengths, motivators, values, and visible behaviours. It is also about your relations with others and enhances your communication with them. It allows you to see four dimensions of a person’s personality and use this effectively both as individuals and among teams.

It is worth underlining that we use a strengths-based approach, and all the reports use positive, non-judgemental language.

Please also read the following sections: 

Why is DISC not always enough?
TEAMS, Values and BAI

Are your behavioural assessments validated and accurate?

Absolutely. GroWings is an authorised distributor of People Keysa world leader in delivering behavioural assessments for over 30 years. Our behavioural assessments are the most validated in the world (last study sample: 9 765 people from 33 countries). 

People Keys has partnered with the Institute for Motivational Living to deliver the best and most effective behavioural assessments. Both organizations spend enormous amounts of time and resources on extensive research and validation of their personality systems.

Validity refers to the degree to which instruments measure what they claim to measure. Reliability refers to the accuracy, consistency, and stability of scores obtained on a measurement instrument. 

Results from studies indicate that the psychometric properties of the DISC Personality System are internally consistent and reliable. 

Please find more information below: 

I took my DISC assessment some time ago, so could you prepare only a TEAMS, Values, and BAI report for me?

Yes, no problem! We are aware that many people have already had a chance to take a DISC assessment in the past. The best results are achieved if you combine your DISC profile (visible behaviours) with the additional three invisible dimensions  (Values, TEAMS, and BAI). All of these should be analysed together to give a truly four-dimensional view of a person. 


However, we strongly encourage you to take a full 4D assessment, even if you know your DISC profile, as your behavioural style depends on different factors: 


  • Your environment (for example it can differ between home and work)
  • Time (we increase our self-awareness, gather experiences, grow, and change over the years) 
  • Stress (if you undertook your assessment during stressful times, your DISC profile would reflect this and would differ from one taken in less stressful circumstances)  

People Keys DISC Personality profile is extremely accurate and reliable and has been delivered and developed over 30 years. 


Can I order only the DISC profile?

Yes, no problem. Our DISC Personality System is exceptionally accurate and reliable, and it has been delivered by People Keys for over 30 years, so we are sure that you will be truly satisfied with it. 

However, we strongly encourage you to try our DISC 4D report, as this is the most sensitive, comprehensive, and cost-effective tool available on the market. You will get a 35-page report consisting of four analyses: DISC, Values, TEAMS, and BAI. Please read more about our revolutionary DISC 4D report here, especially if you are looking for a powerful and effective tool to build high-performing teams and develop leadership skills. 



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