Revolutionary 4D Report

With 1440 possible profiles and cost effective solution. 4D report based on four analyses:


The DISC report helps us to better understand how people think and what they are capable of. First letter from DISC – D represents dominant behavior and helps us to better understand personalities in people; such as what are their main motivators, what are their fears, how do they take action and on what do they focus.

What is the D style?

  • Dominant
  • Firm
  • Oriented around achieving goals
  • Have clear targets

What does the person with D style look like?

Usually when we come across people who are dominant we will find that they are strongly motivated by winning. These types of people are very competitive and want success. One of the bigger differences is that people with D style take immediate action and have results.

We can see behaviours in dominant people such as:

  • Always direct when talking and know exactly what they want
  • They can lose their patience easily when under pressure; they seem to be impatient
  • They are ambitious and demand from themselves and others a lot
  • Always driven and determined 
  • Have self confidence 
  • Make decisions quickly 
  • They are more focused on tasks than relationships but this does not necessarily mean that they don’t care about other people
  • Avoid getting them seen as vulnerable 

What are the biggest strengths of dominant people?

Imagine a person for an instance who walks through life and you see them setting goals and always looking for new challenges that will drive them to success. What drives these people is awareness that every goal they plan and can think of is achieved. This person acts very fast, dynamically and has no problem with decision-making. While they are working on any tasks they have you will see that they are capable of being very focused and determined to successfully complete those tasks.

What are the goals of dominant people?

Whenever we are in an environment of dominant people we can see that they like to control the audience around them, they love to achieve goals and overcome challenges. Imagine them as a person who walks through life and is constantly setting new goals and looking for higher challenges. These types of people tend to get more attention.

What should you consider?

They prefer to stay away from conversations that are not that much important and bring no value and rather focus on important things with greater value for their life. They prefer working with hard working teams that are not cutting corners and are determined to achieve great results and are goal oriented. Persons with dominant behavior will be satisfied working with quick decision makers and people who take action.

What are their difficult behaviours?

Persons with a dominant personality will give their best all of the time, this means that  in return they expect to receive trust and have people to believe in them. Trying to get some advantage from them or use them for your own needs most likely will not be accepted. Sometimes being in an environment with dominant people you can run into unrealistic tasks and sometimes they can get explosive. Because of the behavior dominant people have for normal persons it can be challenging to keep up with them as in most cases they can find out hard to understand them.

How to build a good relationship with a dominant person?

Be completely open with them and honest. Try to be direct in conversation and talk about meaningful situations. If you are a detailed person and like to observe this may not be the right fit for a conversation with a dominant person. If you are an adventurous person and love to take action you may find lots of things in common as both sides love to take action, adrenaline and are focused on achieving goals they set every day for themselves. If you want to get a complete DISC profile report contact me today or book a free session with me.