Comprehensive 4D Report

With more than 1440 possible profile combinations 4D report is based on 4 analyses:


What is the I Style?

When we see people with influence over others the first thing that comes to our mind is that those persons are not scared to be right in the center of attention. One of the key behavioral characteristics of influential leaders are strong communication skills and body language. They know how to reach through the people and send meaningful motivational messages that have an impact on their audience or work colleagues.

What does the person with I Style look like?

  • Spontaneous actions
  • Ready for challenges 
  • Choose to be optimistic
  • Creative and enjoys to brainstorm
  • Persuasive attitude 
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Good verbal skills and talkative
  • Enthusiast 
  • Inspiring and like to brainstorm ideas
  • Like making new friends and connecting with people
I Style DISC

What are the biggest strengths of influential people?

People with exposed I style behavior are driven by motivation. They want to be accepted by their environment because of that they like to connect and socialise with others usually in a group activities or during individual conversations. By being a good motivator and inspiring person they can be found as great managers or leaders on a higher level that can be successful at what they do. 

What are the goals of influential people?

Striving for acceptance and being popular and liked are one of the goals for I style persons. They want to be known for what they do and have authority and prestige. In addition to these goals they are truly in pursuit of friendship and want to be happy and stay positive.

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What should you consider?

Whenever you are in conversation with a person with I style you need to connect with them and share experiences. Try not to interrupt them when they talk back or ask questions as they like to be heard. Allow them plenty of time to communicate with you and try to be a good listener. I style people who are always positive and inspiring, and try to stay away from negative words. 

They are very persuasive and not afraid to show their emotions, being in communication with them or simply listening to what they have to say can be entertaining.

What are their difficult behaviours?

Compared to the other DISC styles, persons with I style tend to spend more of their energy and time to get themself organised and simply stay focused for a long period of time. Sometimes I style people will not have enough time to research all of the facts and speak directly to people.

What are their biggest fears?

One of the biggest fears leaders with exposed I style are afraid of is loss of their influence over people. Another fear factor that is strong in I style leaders is being ignored by their environment and not seen for who they truly are. 

I style people seek approval and don’t like when others disapprove of what they do. Because of disapproval their fear is also being rejected and not accepted for what they are.