DUBLIN: Do you want to fully unlock your potential and understand yourself and others better?

1 Day Workshop + Personality profile + Consultation

This workshop is for you if at least one of the below situations concerns you: 


you feel that you do not use your potential fully in your work or business, or in private relations


you wish to understand where your strengths lie and develop an action plan for applying them in your life


you want to manage your strengths and weaknesses effectively to accomplish goals that are important to you


you want to understand yourself and others better


you feel that it is worth it to strengthen your self-confidence and act more courageously


you want to finally find a job which will fully suit your strengths and will allow you to develop them


you are preparing for a change in your career path or for a promotion


you want to operate effectively in your own company


you are fed up with wasting energy and time on constantly fixing something that does not work


you wish to communicate with your loved ones and with those at work efficiently and to solve conflicts more efficiently


you wish to discover what it is that truly motivates you and what weakens you and in which environments you operate best


you want to build better relations and understand the behaviours of other people, both in private and professional/business relations

Why is it worth it and what will you get out of it?

Operate effectively in your personal and professional life – identify your dominating behavioural style and develop an action plan!

1.A complete DISC report

With the assistance of this tool, you will study your dominating style of behaviour – each of us has in ourselves four basic styles at various intensities. Depending on the strength of each, we act in a certain manner in private and professional situations.

You will also learn to use the knowledge you gain during the work with your DISC profile in practice. The coach – Klaudia Kałążna, PhD – has accreditation in the scope of behavioural analysis with the application of DISC and has already worked with hundreds of people during group workshops or with individual work.

2. The all-day workshop

During this all-day, hands-on workshop, you will identify and deepen self-consciousness of your strengths and weaknesses, manner of communication, and that which either motivates you or weakens and stresses you out, all with the assistance of trusted tools, including the DISC profile used by over 40 million people all over the world.

You will also learn to use the knowledge you gain during the work with your DISC profile in practice.

3. A two-hour individual session (valued at € 140)

After the workshop, you will receive individual support during a two-hour consultation via Skype or in person.

Depending on your needs, you will get answers to any additional questions which may arise after the workshop and, depending on the situation, specific support via other coaching tools.

We will check how you handle implementation of the knowledge from the workshop into life and you will receive personal support.

Watch what my happy clients have to say about the DISC workshop

"It was really interesting to learn how to identify strengths for different personality styles like mine. And event to identify strengths of friends or colleagues and learn how to communicate with them and understand them a little bit better." Jane Gleeson

Events and Community Manager

"I was really impressed by the range of tools that Klaudia offered us to discover our strengths and also how to discover different styles of other people and how to deal with them." José Miranda dos Santos

Software Developer

“I am coaching people at work and it will definitely help me to know how to approach different style and how to coach them. (...) I would definitely recommend it to everybody because everybody needs it.” Marina Barlovac

Senior Customer Success and Renewals Executive

Do you want to fully unlock your potential and understand yourself and others better?


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Early Bird Offer: 1 day workshop + DISC personality profile + individual consultation








What is the DISC profile which you will be using during the workshop?

Klaudia Kałążna, PhD, is a DISC Certified Behavioural Consultant. Read more  about Klaudia’s credentials


The DISC profile helps to identify our dominant behaviours in various situations. The tool has been developed on the basis of the research done by the American psychologist William Marston. It is based on four basic styles:


  • D (dominant, firm, oriented around achieving a goal),
  • I (influential, inspiring, people-oriented),
  • S (steady, calm, oriented around cooperation and safety),
  • C (conscientious, diligent, oriented around accurately performing a task).

Each of us has these four styles within ourselves to varying degrees. Depending on the strength of each, we act in a certain manner in private and professional situations.


With the assistance of DISC profile analysis, you can support yourself with, i.e., better communication in the workplace and in business and with more effective sales and management. The DISC profile also allows you to discover what motivates you and in which environments you operate best. It enables you to deepen your awareness of which skills you still need to work on and how to change your behaviour to achieve better results.
The DISC profile is applied during recruitment, team-building, and in improving work in a group or when developing leadership skills, and even in family therapy.




Why have I created this workshop?

The words of Stephen Covey are my motto: “If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.”

I have moved my ladder for many long years from wall to wall, gaining skills, accumulating knowledge and valuable – not always pleasant – experiences. Finally, I have found the right wall. I am sure that each rung I step up to gets me closer to my goal.

After years of travelling along winding paths, I want to help others straighten theirs more quickly. In time, I have understood what the key elements of effective action are and I wish to share this knowledge with others.

The most important ingredient of effective and efficient action is focusing on your strengths and not constantly fixing your weaknesses and distracting your energy with matters that are not relevant.

We are not “broken”, and we do not have to constantly fix ourselves, improve something, or focus our energy on improving something which is not and will not be our strength.

Instead, it is better to improve your strengths, build foundations for your everyday actions on them, and manage your weaknesses.
How do you do this? By passing through my own simple authorial three-stage 3D System:

  • DISCover your strengths,
  • Deepen your self-awareness of your strengths,
  • Develop your action plan to put them into practice

I feel that each and every one of us has the DUTY to use our natural gifts and skills in the best way possible, and I have been helping others with this for years. I invite you on a journey together!

This workshop will help you:


understand what your real strengths are and what motivates you


identify areas for development and what your weaknesses and stressors are


effectively leverage your strengths in work, business, and at home


modify your behaviours in an appropriate manner, owing to the understanding of your dominating style of behaviour (you will receive a full DISC profile)


communicate and cooperate within a team more effectively


prevent unnecessary conflicts and operate more effectively


understand the behaviours of other people (your loved ones, co-workers, subordinates, and/or customers)


reach a source of intrisic motivation, i.e., the "driving force" which makes you willingly take action


believe in your own strengths and act bravely and in harmony with yourself


decide what type of working environment you are looking for (or maybe now is the time for your own business?)


focus on your strength instead of focusing on that which does not work


wisely develop your potential and help others use it


stop comparing yourself with others and gain more self-confidence


implement specific supporting actions in harmony with yourself in life

Watch what my happy clients have to say about the DISC workshop

The most interesting part was to find out what’s my DISC type and how to deal with other DISC types, how to communicate with them, what is their biggest fear. Marta Oltuszyk

Office Administrator

“It’s been really great to have the insight into how I can potentially take some move on things that I may perceive as my weaknesses and turn them into strengths in a workplace.” Amy Button

Going through a career transition

We found out our personalities, what are the weaknesses and strengths of these personalities . Everybody should do this because it is very helpful for everyday life.

Csilla Horvath

Planning Engineer

Learn more about workshop modules

MODULE 1: How do you discover your strengths and how can it benefit you?

“Focus on each person’s strengths and manage around his weaknesses. Don’t try to fix the weaknesses. Don’t try to perfect each person. Instead do everything you can to help each person cultivate his talents. Help each person become more of who he already is.” Marcus Buckingham

In this module, you will find out what a “strength” really is and how you can discover your strengths on your own.

With the assistance of our trusted coaching tools, you will identify your most important strengths: your talents, passions, skills, and knowledge, and you will learn how to use them fully to accomplish goals that are important to you.

You will also find out how to manage your weaknesses. Owing to this part of the workshop, you will improve your self-esteem, act more bravely, and understand why you should not constantly focus on that which does not work in an attempt to “fix” yourself.

MODULE 2: How can you understand yourself better? (DISC profile - introduction and identifying your dominant behavioural style)

“We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.” Sheryl Sandberg

In this module, you will deepen your self-consciousness of your strengths and weaknesses, your communication style, and that which motivates you to act, all with the assistance of the DISC profile used by millions of people all over the world.

With the assistance of the DISC profile, you will study your dominant style of behaviour – each of us has in ourselves four basic styles at various intensities. Depending on the strength of each, we act in a certain manner in private and professional situations.

Owing to one’s understanding of oneself and of the behaviours of other people, this module will assist you in building better relations and acting with a feeling of internal coherence.

MODULE 3: How can you understand others better? (DISC profile - communication, value to a team, leadership skills, and areas for improvement)

“Although people may differ in every which way – in their initial talents and aptitudes, interests, or temperaments – everyone can change and grow through application and experience.”Carol Dweck

In this module, you will find your strengths in various fields. You will discover what value you bring to teamwork and what features of a leader you have developed best (yes, each one of us has such features, even if we are not leading any people or projects!).

You will find out how you can improve your communication with others at home and at work.
You will identify where there is room for improvement, since a strength that is overused turns into a limitation!

MODULE 4: How can you put your strengths into action? (DISC profile - motivation, stress factors, action plan)

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” John Wooden

In the last, summarizing module, you will analyze in detail what naturally motivates and strengthens you and you will find out which environments you operate best in. You will measure your level of stress by completing a stress questionnaire and consider how you can use motivators better and how to avoid stressors.

You will also develop a specific action plan to manage your weaknesses, use your strengths in an effective way, and, in consequence, use your natural behavioural style more effectively. You will learn how to use the discoveries you make during work with the DISC profile in practice.

Read workshop agenda and organisational information

9.30 – 10.00: INTRODUCTION

10.00 – 11.30: MODULE 1 –  How do you discover your strengths and how can it benefit you?

11.30 – 11.45: COFFEE BREAK

11.45 – 13.15: MODULE 2 –  How can you understand yourself better?

13.15 – 14.15: LUNCH

14.15 – 15.45: MODULE 3 – How can you understand others better?

15.45 – 16.00: COFFEE BREAK

16.00 -17.30: MODULE 4 –  How can you put your strengths into action?

17.30 – 18.00: SUMMARY

After a whole day of work, you will determine where your strengths lie and develop an action plan for applying them in your life!

LOCATION: a comfortable training room located in the centre of Dublin:Central Hotel, 1-5 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2; Room: McClelland

PARKING: The hotel does not have any parking space – parking is possible on the neighbouring streets; closest paid parking lot: Drury Street Parking.

LUNCH: not included in the price (on one’s own – there are few restaurants nearby; you can also order lunch at the hotel)

Coffee, tea, and small snacks are included in the ticket price.

DISC: In October, you will receive a link for the execution of the DISC tool along with a manual on how to fill everything in. The questionnaire is short (24 questions), and it usually takes around 10 – 15 minutes. You will receive the full report regarding your strengths and style of behaviour on the day of the workshop, during which we will analyse it thoroughly and work with it intensively.

INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION: we will arrange the details with the participants during the workshop – the time limit for using the consultation is two months (in justified cases, we may work out a different solution).

Read what my happy clients have to say about working with me

Ruth Case

Associate Product Owner

The most interesting for me was how I was able to understand myself and the fact that DISC tool gave me the ability to understand those around me. It opened my eyes to adapting and changing how I handle situations depending on the person. 

After this DISC training I will be more open to try to handle people and myself differently and openly. It is hard to try know yourself fully but after this workshop I feel I have deeper understanding and insight. 

In my opinion, Klaudia has the following strengths as a trainer: openness, honesty, dedication, focus. She is really knowledgable and has insight into how people work. 

I strongly recommend this workshop as I feel I have gained so much knowledge about myself and dealing with those at home and in work. I have adapted deliberately and the benefits I have seen have been amazing. 


Barry Higgins

Application Engineer

It was fascinating to me that no matter the core DISC style, people can and will adapt to each other depending on the situation. DISC can be such a powerful tool if used correctly.

After the workshop, I have begun assessing a situation and applying the best DISC behavioural style to achieving the best outcome.

Klaudia, as a trainer, is very engaging and has an ability to read the room and tailor the workshop to best present the information.

Due to the content, I feel that everyone can get something from the course as the information is broad enough to apply to them in some way or another in professional or personal circumstances. I recommend Klaudia’s DISC workshop!

David McGrath

Application Engineer


The most interesting for me was learning about my team’s dynamics and how we can work on improving our performance and adapting to different types of people.

I will use DISC knowledge in practice to help move my projects and ideas forward and at a more optimal pace.

Klaudia is an adaptive, insightful, engaging and honest trainer. I would recommend DISC training to anyone who works with different sources of work.

Des Gordon

Support Engineer

I was the most interested in seeing the group dynamics and how they changed under pressure. I will use this knowledge to look at buffering the groups weakness during professional pressure situations. 

Klaudia’s strength as a trainer is that she is energetic but to the point!

I would recommend DISC training to work teams as knowing their strengths and weaknesses is useful for dealing with stakeholders/clients. 

Marek Wicher

Head of Production Planning Department

Thanks to Klaudia and her coaching tools and analysis of my DISC profile I have become an outstanding person. Each of us is really, we just have to remember about it.

I also realised how important time and self-management in time are. Not only time understood as a short episode, but as our entire life. 

What will we do with it? How are we going to live our lives? What kind of persons are we? Are we just an intelligent form of protein in the universe?

The more we know about ourselves, the better for us. People have been asking these questions for hundreds of years. When, together with Klaudia, we were deeply analysing the results of my DISC report, I was asking hundreds of questions that I answered myself.

Klaudia, as an outstanding specialist with rich experience was telling me how can I creatively approach various issues, i.e. look at them from different perspectives.

During our meetings, I got to know the recesses of human nature. I think it is quite courageous to say that I was enlightened and managed to change my life. That’s how I feel.

I do what I like, I am happy. I changed my job and country of residence. I feel alive. I cultivate my strengths and work on the weaknesses every day.

I truly recommend DISC diagnostic tool and wish everyone a meeting with Klaudia.

Roseanna McDonald

Application Engineer


Understanding my own and others communication style will help me in how I interact with my team and how I work with stakeholders on projects.

I will begin the process of self-reflection in relation to my own strengths, values, preferred way of working, motivators and stressors.

I have begun to observe those attributes in others already.

Klaudia puts meaning into her knowledge transfer and makes the work interesting and fun. Klaudia is truly engaged and passionate about her work.

I would recommend DISC workshop for anyone open to understanding themselves and other people and improving communication skills.

Angelika Dalecka

Technologist in the Production Development Department

I was most interested in the part of the workshop about our strengths, where we learned how to recognise different types of people’s behaviours and how to understand them by learning about DISC tool.

I will use skills and knowledge from the workshop both in the professional and personal lives. At work, I will try to take advantage of my strengths as much as possible, and privately I will try to be more forgiving to others. The workshops with Klaudia allowed me to understand that not everyone is as quick in action and making decisions as I am and it is not their ill will.

Klaudia is extremely open and able to listen and provide right advice “on a regular basis”, depending on the needs of the participants. She has a great faith in people, which influences everyone she meets on her way. She infects with enthusiasm and faith in possibilities of everyone who attends her workshops. After the workshops with Klaudia, everybody returns to their everyday life with conviction that nothing is impossible and that dreams come true if you believe strong enough and are motivated to work.

I recommend these workshops primarily to people looking for a right career path. The workshops are also good for people who have lost faith in their own abilities or are afraid to take risks. The most important benefits the workshops offer are deep knowledge of your strengths and dominant styles of behaviour and communication.

Renata Imbierowicz

Trainer and Coach

Klaudia is definitely an expert in her field! What makes her stand out is presenting content in an interesting, engaging way. I had the impression that she covered the topic well deeper than expected.

Theory interlarded with exercises has had an influence on probablyvery participant, certainly me, in a way that they left the show with so much to think about where they are and what life they are leading and where they really want to be.

Klaudia is an extremely warm and communicative person, she can easily establish a relationship with participants and maintain the group’s high commitment throughout the day. What I received during the workshops is definitely the basics and skilful recognition of individual DISC profiles.

The workshop helped me precisely determine who am I and what my strengths and weaknesses are which is necessary in my life.

I recommend Klaudia as a coach and her workshops to anyone who does not feel well in “their skin”, would like to be a free and happy person and also a partner in their personal and professional lives.

Select the package which is most convenient for you!

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